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Understanding of the Formation and Foundation of Human Design Charts

By Vicki Aldridge: Healing & Wellness Council

Based on the work of Richard Rudd in Human Design

Human design is an amazing tool which allows you to understand the mechanics of our nature and find your authentic self, therefore it is actually a door to knowing yourself and ultimately self-love. It offers a massive amount of information on various aspects of our true self. It can seem a little overwhelming at first just like learning any new language. Just listen to the flow of the words and eventually the words will become more familiar and understandable, particularly when you start to recognise patterns in your own chart.

Human Design is a complicated synthesis of various systems based on wheel ancient spiritual symbolism, or a synthesising mandala for all life, which then forms a body graph which is provides information of how we are imprinted.

It starts with two wheels of personalised information;

an inner wheel, which is based on our zodiac sign, which represent the macrocosm, how the outer world affects us. In other words, the orbiting planets impact on us by interfering with our neutrino stream, or our infinitesimal mass, from deep space;


an outer wheel is divided into 64 sections, which represents our microcosm. These 64 sections relate to two important fields. Firstly, they relate to the 64 hexagrams based on the I-Ching or Book of Change. Hexa means six, which refers to the six lines that form a hexagram. Each of these lines can be solid or broken. That means there are 2 to the power of 6 = 64 possible combinations of lines into hexagrams. Each hexagram is also deeply rooted in the Gene Keys. The 64 sections also relate to the field of genetics. DNA has two strands of nucleotides; one reflects the other, which is basic binary code, often seen in yin and yang. Yin referring to matter and yang referring to energy. The genetic code has four bases arranged in three grouping (nucleotides) each chemically grouping relates to an amino acid called a Codon. There are 64 Codons in the genetic code. So, if you string out of our genetic code it is the basis of planetary code, which is a tool to read the design of anything alive.

The magic of Human Design is in the relationship between the inner and outer wheel. This combined information is based on two calculations; the personality and the design calculation. The personality calculations are the neutrino information imprinted at the exact time of birth (often used in horoscopes). This gives us conscious access to ourselves and what we are able to participate in these energies. The design calculationare prenatal calculations made inside the mother’s womb 88 degrees of the sun before birth, approx. 88/89 days before we are born. This is unconscious programming and is our genetic inheritance, or our genetic programming. It is possible that some of the channels are made up of both personality and design energies therefore we can oscillate between them. In other words, the two great wheels come together to represent two crystals of consciousness, like a bi incarnation. Two set of forces help together by third neutral magnetic monopole, WHO YOU REALLY ARE. The personality calculation is akin to the passenger, along for the ride, the design calculation is the vehicle, and the magnetic monopole, YOU, are the driver. You are in charge of your journey.

This information from our birth data join together to form a body graph which gives us information of how we are imprinted. It is basically a map the circuit of energy that flows through you. The body graph has various areas such as centres, channels and gates. If they are coloured in/defined there is a continuous flow of energy in the area or along the path. This is an absolutely consistent in our nature. This energy flows in these area within you every second of every hour of every year until you pass. It is the one and only thing you can be rely on. However, there is also magic in the undefined areas. Our genes demand that we are attracted to our opposite.

We are conditioned by chemistry to be magnetised toward our conditioning field, our opposite. This can be one of the main reasons why most humans do not live their design. Conditioning not only relates to continuous movement of planets which affect our neutrino field as they move around the wheel, at times even opening and closing additional gates, which is why you can feel different with changing cycles. It also relates to the conditioning of people around us. We are influenced by someone else’s aura or electromagnetic field, within 6-7 feet of you. This doesn’t have to be some you know or even acknowledge. They can still influence you. This is known as chemistry between people, whether they attract or repel you at different moments. Unfortunately, some consistent conditioning with those you ‘have to be around’ can become normalised and even locked into behavioural patterns, meaning you are behaving differently around those types of people and often drawn to the same type of conditioning people that we have become familiar with. In other words, undefined areas are open to conditioning which they must be aware of and manage. However, there is enormous potential for experience and wisdom in a lack of definition. Another nice way to compare then is the defined areas are like transmitters, consistently sending energy to the world, and undefined are receivers, soaking up and even magnifying in energies of the world.

The key to using Human Design charts effectively are;

1. Know your uniqueness, and be aware of continuous change of our microcosm and macrocosm;

2. Know your definition; who you are with your strengths and weakness;

3. Know what does definite you and what you are open to, and learn to recognise potential conditioning of these parts;

4. Clear out unwanted behavioural conditioning;

5. Give up trying control life in your mind; know your cellular structure – be yourself – love yourself and recognise potential changes that occur continuously…

The human design body graph is formed from energetics at the centre of the two wheels. It has nine main shapes or centres, connected by gate which can then form a network of channels. These centres are based on the Chakra system. although they are slightly different as there are nine not seven. These are energy hubs within the body, which can be defined or undefined, are the root(pressure), throat (metabolism), sacral (vitality), spleen (body), anja (mind), solar (spirit), ego (form), G (love), head (consciousness) centres. They can be subdivided into three sets of three into energy, awareness and direction categories. It’s also worth noting the are four motor centres; root, sacral, ego/heart and solar.

Between the centres there are gates that can be opened by the flow of energy. These gates are based on the 64 hexagrams. Each gate has a number, a name, a description or keynotes. If two harmonic gates are open, at either end of a channel, they allow energy to flow from both ends and form a channel of energy. These channels are connecting forces between centres, and are based on the Judiac tree of life. The magic is the channel can bring energy from two different centres and form another unique new energy, a circuit. Each channel also has a keynote, as well as a theme and a circuit.

These channels can form 6 circuits; three circuit groups, each of with two circuits, and a master keynote;

1. individual (themselves); knowing and centering circuits – keynote empowerment – they tend to be acoustic,

2. collective(humanity); sensing and understanding circuits – keynote sharing – they tend to be tactile

3. tribal (family and immediate community); ego and defence circuits – keynote support – they tend to be tactile.

There is also four integration channel which the foundation of our biodiversity representing evolutionary force that separates us from mammals, from when humans began to walk upright, therefore represent the transition from mammal to Homo erectus. They make us selfish ensuring individual survival which is good for our genes! These people thrive on following their own path through life and display self-love by putting themselves first.

The combination of defined centres, gates and channels forms your innate type; generator, manifestor, manifesting generator, projector or reflector. These different aura types that each have their own strategy. The strategy is a doorway to living as yourself, affirming who you really are, and understanding and letting go of what you are not. Your strategy supports you to work with your natural energy instead of working against it.

The body graph also gives form to your inner authority; emotional (47%), sacral (35%), splenic (11%), environmental/no authority, self-projected, lunar cycle and ego authority. Inner Authority in Human Design refers to how you make correct-for-you decisions about the big things in life. Rather than relying on pro/con lists, gathering advice from others, or having someone else tell you what to do, you can empower yourself by tapping into your own Authority.

There are also 12 profiles, which can be regarded as a basic character pattern that frames a person’s life. The Profile indicates the purpose and theme in life and is directly related the incarnation in this life.

The Human design charts can be found online and most will come with the basic properties included, which you can internet search for more information. Some even provide even further details such as definition, incarnation cross, digestion, strongest sense and favoured environment. It a whole world of information about you.


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