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Animal & Wildlife Council

Image by Chris Charles

Roles & Responsibilities

This council is for all beings who have experience, skills and/or a deep resonance with animals. This council is responsible for the care and wellness of animals and wildlife, as well as teaching & guiding humanity on how to respect animal life, how to care for animals, how to train/discipline animals, how to dissolve dysfunction between humanity and animals, how to preserve ecosystems, as well as how to heal & communicate with animals. 


This council has a key role is bridging the gap between animals and wildlife, and humanity. Animals hold the energy of unconditional love and are here on Earth by contract to serve the greater good. There is a large amount of disinformation regarding animals and their function, and this council holds the responsibility to educate humanity on the role of the animals and the ecosystem. Healing animals & communicating with them via telepathy is the next evolution for humanity. 


This council will assist humanity in the discipline & training of household animals, as well as how to develop deeper compassion and care for animals. This council provide guidelines for Humanity on how to respect wildlife, work in harmony with the ecosystems of the planet, proper care/healing & communication with animals, & how to dissolve the dysfunctional treatment of animals. 

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