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Image by Shawn Sim

Roles & Responsibilities

This council is for all artists, entertainers, & those with a passion for creative expression. This council is a co-creative council for all artists to come together & inspire one another with ideas & projects to bring joy and divine inspiration to humanity. This council will give a platform for all to share their creations, music, and craft. This council will be an open forum for collaboration & ideas on how to share these creations with humanity, as well as develop greater connection to Source through creativity.


This council will also be responsible for teaching humanity, both adults & children, on different creative expressions. This council will help teach humanity painting, writing, sculpting, jewelry making, sewing, graphic designing, musical instruments, dancing, acting, singing, etc. All of humanity are artists at heart and this council will be the inspiring teachers of their craft for all to learn their own creative expressions. Copyright does not exist in 5D, however this council will be responsible for ensuring that all artists and works of creative expression are honored & recognized.


This council will also oversee the art & entertainment industry, ensuring equal energy exchange for all artists and entertainers, as well as integrity with all sales of art or artistic services. The entertainment industry must comply with the honor and integrity guidelines created by this council, to ensure that there is no abuse of artist, actors/actresses/, or any being who participates or works in the entertainment industry. 

Image by Henry Be

Awakening Books Guide

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