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5D Global Network 

This page is dedicated to our 5D affiliates and network partners around the world who are all dedicated towards true leadership, leading with love, and creating the New Paradigm. Each are pioneers in their own industries and are collaborative partners helping create the change we wish to see. 


Let Love Glow Author Services

D. D. was the first entrepreneur to create a company that literally (pun intended) "does it all" for an author -- from cover design, to editing, to ebook and paperback formatting, to uploading/publishing on Amazon KDP, author and book branding, and the design of promotional materials and strategy. Her dream is to help all of Humanity fulfill their dreams of storytelling and book writing, bringing imagination + higher consciousness into the world.

Sacred Spirit Apothecary 

Natures medicine at its finest. Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Gold. Experience the fusion of ancient wisdoms with modern science to create a one of kind supplement that promotes wellness of being, vitality, and a balanced immune system. Homemade with love.

Image by Elsa Olofsson

Bottled Guidance

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and what you put on your skin highly affects your overall health! We believe that a big part of this awakening process is detoxing and eliminating the frequencies of interference that prohibit you from remembering your true nature and becoming the greatest, grandest version of yourself! Homemade, organic and pure healing + skincare products.

Mission Limitless

We believe that the future of business is about uniting together as one, creating a global synarchy under Universal Law. Our goal is to serve humanity and support the highest good for Mother Earth and all life that resides on her. We are here to share awareness and help you align yourself with your highest purpose.


7 Sisters Tarot 

At Seven Sisters Tarot, we offer tarot readings that help you connect to the divine and your ancestors. Our experienced tarot reader, Bobby, has been providing healing and clarity to clients for many years and will help you find the answers you need. Bobby’s readings are unique and will give you a once in a lifetime experience. Whether you’re looking for guidance, insight, or just a connection to your loved ones on the other side, Bobby is here to help you connect.

Oracle Goddess

​I've had the opportunity to learn so much from these highly sensitive advanced, Starseed Children & Youth, their psychic gifts, as well as their abilities to energetically transmute lower frequencies.  I combine my Intuitive Psychic Gifts, with my experience as a

Child & Youth Care Worker, creating a bridge between the practical "real world"

and the Spiritual. 

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