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agriculture & growing council


This council is made up of beings who have experience and a passion for agriculture, growing and gardening. This council is responsible for ensuring that all growing of food is in accordance with Universal Law and is done with love and honor of Mother Earth. 


This council is also responsible for educating and teaching Humanity how to grow their own food, how to garden and work with the Earth, and to share knowledge about the healing power of plants, flowers, herbs, etc. 


This council meets regularly to discuss new recommendations or guidance on the working with agriculture and plants and sharing information on sustainable growing.


This council will be the leaders of farming & growing and will be responsible for overseeing the food and agriculture industry to ensure that all crops, plants, and food sources are grown in a pure and organic ways, and in line with the laws of Mother Nature. 

Image by Jan Kopřiva
Image by Raphael Rychetsky

Agriculture & Growing Guide

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