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Metallic Structure

Director's Council

The Directors council is made up of beings who have dedicated their lives to the service of humanity. These beings have been directly trained by Mother of All Creation to oversee and implement her vision for New Earth. 


This council is responsible to guide and oversee all other councils to ensure that all decisions and teachings are aligned with Universal Law and aligned with the highest frequency. 


This council meets with every other council to discuss the ever evolving collective consciousness and has open dialogue with all other council leaders about structures and projects to implement to best serve humanity. 

Media & Communications Council

This council is made up of beings who have particular roles in Media and Communications. This Council is responsible for ensuring that all beings, platforms, and media outlets are completely uncensored and given the right to speak truth. This council is also responsible for monitoring any half truths or lies that go against Universal Law. 


This council meets regularly to discuss new solutions and platforms for expression and communication, and will also create guidelines and recommendations for businesses, platforms and networks on how to be in integrity with speech, full transparency, and freedom of expression. 

Image by davide ragusa
Image by Michael Dziedzic

5D Technology Council

This council is made up of beings who have a passion and gift for technology. This council is responsible for creating and experimenting with new and evolving technology to bring us into the age of 5D crystal technology. 


This council will guide humanity as well as businesses and inventors on the true nature of 5D technology, how to transition from 3D tech to 5D tech, and to ensure the highest integrity with usage of all technologies. 


This council meets regularly to discuss new visions, projects and Ideas on new 5D technology development and publishing all of its experiments and developments for public knowledge. 

Crystal School Council

The Crystal School Council is made up of beings who feel a strong resonate and role to assist with the education of humanity. The Crystal Schools are the 5D educational centers and systems that will ensure whole and pure education for all crystal children. 


This council is responsible to meet and discuss the evolving education landscape, as well as discuss challenges for parents and teachers that can be be solved with love and higher solutions. This council is responsible for helping train both parents and teachers on how to do their own inner work as well as how to teach children without programming or control. This council is also a co-creative council on crystal school curriculum and teachings. 


This Council is also responsible for overseeing the Light Centers which are the adult versions of Crystal Schools. This council will regularly meet and discuss different modalities and structures to be implemented for Light Centers to best assist all of humanity in their spiritual evolution. 

Image by Aaron Burden
Image by Magic Bowls

Healing & Wellness Council 

This council is made up of energy masters who are responsible for educating humanity on maintaining their physical, emotional, and mental health through the transition. This council ensures that all of humanity is educated on how to self-heal, how to manage their energy systems, how to dissolve the EGO mind, how to transform lower thought, how to heal collective trauma, and guidance on going through the crystalline process.


This council is made up of 3 Sub Councils: Energy Healing Council, Mental Health Council, & the Trauma Council. All three councils meet regularly to discuss and share tools and techniques, as well as wisdom and experience to assist humanity in their various needs of transformation. 


This council is also responsible for educating humanity on organic healing tools and making recommendations for self-healing remedies. 

Mother Earth Council

This council is made up of beings who resonate deeply with Mother Earth and are contracted to be caretakers of Her. This council is responsible for the care and energetic healing of Mother Earth and to educate Humanity on the ecosystem and Oneness model. 


Respect and synergy with Mother Earth is a priority for Humanity to continue to reside on our host, and this Council ensures that Mother Earth is being cared for and respected, and to create guidelines and recommendations on how to heal and replenish Mother Earth, as well as guide Humanity on how to work with the energy of the planet through the elements of nature. 

Image by Robert Lukeman
Image by Sean Pollock

5D Business Council 

The 5D business council is made up of beings who have experience In business and are now responsible in educating humanity on transitioning to a 5D business model. All businesses in 5D will be based in integrity, cooperation, and equal energy exchange. 


All corporations will transition to co-operations, in which people are put first. All businesses will need to comply with Universal Law and hold integrity and transparency. Equal energy exchange will be the mode of business and this council is responsible for ensuring that equal energy exchange is being honored in all business systems, and assisting businesses with implementing a 5D business model. 


This council meets regularly to discuss challenges of the business transitions, and to form new solutions and training for businesses to understand abundance and synergy. 

Product Integrity Council 

This council is made up of beings who have experience in various backgrounds of creating and/or selling products. This council is responsible for ensuring that all products of any kind that are sold or gifted to humanity are made in full integrity, and are free from harmful or toxic ingredients, and are in line with higher states of consciousness. 


This council is responsible for providing guidelines and recommendations, as well as education and guidance on how to create products in love, how to raise the consciousness of the products during development and creation, and how to ensure every product is a service to humanity. 


This council meets regularly to discuss issues or challenges with various product markets, as well as consistently update and make public the integrity of all products on the market along with recommendations. 

Natural Beauty Products
Image by Dayne Topkin

New Earth Builders Council

This council is made of beings who have experience in building, designing, and engineering. This council is responsible for creating guidelines and recommendations on building and construction that is in alignment with Mother Earth, sustainability, and fostering unity. 


This council will oversee all building and construction of New Earth to ensure that all building is done with precision, respect for Mother Earth, and incorporates nature and the elements within the structure. This council is responsible for ensuring all structures and buildings are in alignment with sacred geometry and organic design. 


This council meets regularly to update building guidelines and recommendations on building, share updates on building projects, and to educate humanity on proper building methods and building integrity. All building projects will be shared with Humanity. 

Agriculture & Growing Council

This council is made up of beings who have experience and a passion for agriculture, growing and gardening. This council is responsible for ensuring that all growing of food is in accordance with Universal Law and is done with love and honor of Mother Earth. 


This council is also responsible for educating and teaching Humanity how to grow their own food, how to garden and work with the Earth, and to share knowledge about the healing power of plants, flowers, herbs, etc. 


This council meets regularly to discuss new recommendations or guidance on the working with agriculture and plants, as well as sharing reports on the experimenting of sustaininable growing. 

Image by Dan Asaki
Image by Aditya Joshi

Court of Universal Law Council

This council is made up of beings who have experience with law or resonate strongly with enforcement of Universal Law. The Universal Laws are the cosmic codes given to us by Mother of All Creation as the Laws each human being must adhere to. These replace and transcend all other man-made 3D laws, rules and regulations. 


This council is responsible for ensuring that Universal Law is honored and followed by all beings residing on Planet Earth. This council is mainly assembled to answer questions or concerns about Universal Law violations and to be able to interpret and provide guidance on honoring Universal Law. 


This council meets regularly to discuss any current concerns over any being, community or collective that is not adhering to Universal Law, as well as issue reports and recommendations on implementing and honoring the Universal Laws throughout every sector of human life. 

Elders Council 

The Elders council is made up of beings that represent the Elder generations in this ascension process, those with experience working with and caring for elders, and those that resonate with the teachings of the Elders. The Elders council is responsible for assisting the Elder generation through the transitionary process, as well as coming together to share wisdoms and knowledge with the younger generations to assist in bridging the gap between all age groups. 


This council meets regularly to discuss the challenges of the Elder population and assisting to teach and guide caretakers and those contracted to assist the Elder generation through the transition. The council will also provide education to humanity on the ways of the Elders including ancient knowledge, wisdom, and native ways.

Image by Danie Franco
Image by Juliana Kozoski

Global Relations Council 

This council is made up of representatives and ambassadors from each Society on Planet Earth. The purpose of this council is to create open communications between all Societies on how to best work together in solving global issues, how to work with equal energy exchange between Societies, and how to solve any disputes between Societies. 


This council is responsible for communication and cooperation between all ambassadors of each Society, and to share with Humanity all agreements and exchanges between any Society. Each ambassador is responsible for providing information and insight from other Societies to their own Society to foster unity consciousness and awareness. 


This council will meet regularly for open discussions between ambassadors of challenges their current societies are facing as a collective, and discussing solutions and offering insights from all other Societies. 

Peace Council 

This council is made up of Peacekeepers and those who feel a strong resonance with mediation. This council is responsible for ensuring peace between all beings, communities, societies and collectives. This council works closely with the Court of Universal Law to ensure that all beings on Planet Earth are abiding by Universal Law and all disputes or disagreements are resolved peacefully. 


This council is responsible for overseeing all disputes between any individual or group of beings. This council has many fractals and representatives from each Society. Any dispute or disagreement between beings or collectives will be brought to the Peace Council for guidance and resolution. 


This council meets regularly to discuss new tools, techniques and share updates on any pending peace disputes. This council is also responsible for full transparency and sharing all reports and disputes with Humanity so that all may have awareness and learning. 

Image by Miltiadis Fragkidis
Image by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist

Arts & Entertainment Council

This council is for all artists, entertainers, & those with a passion for creative expression. This council is a co-creative council for all artists to come together & inspire one another with ideas & projects to bring joy and divine inspiration to humanity. This council will give a platform for all to share their creations, music, and craft. This council will be an open forum for collaboration & ideas on how to share these creations with humanity, as well as develop greater connection to Source through creativity.


This council will also be responsible for teaching humanity, both adults & children, on different creative expressions. This council will help teach humanity painting, writing, sculpting, jewelry making, sewing, graphic designing, musical instruments, dancing, acting, singing, etc. All of humanity are artists at heart and this council will be the inspiring teachers of their craft for all to learn their own creative expressions. Copyright does not exist in 5D, however this council will be responsible for ensuring that all artists and works of creative expression are honored & recognized.


This council will also oversee the art & entertainment industry, ensuring equal energy exchange for all artists and entertainers, as well as integrity with all sales of art or artistic services. The entertainment industry must comply with the honor and integrity guidelines created by this council, to ensure that there is no abuse of artist, actors/actresses/, or any being who participates or works in the entertainment industry. 

Animal & Wildlife Council

This council is for all beings who have experience, skills and/or a deep resonance with animals. This council is responsible for the care and wellness of animals and wildlife, as well as teaching & guiding humanity on how to respect animal life, how to care for animals, how to train/discipline animals, how to dissolve dysfunction between humanity and animals, how to preserve ecosystems, as well as how to heal & communicate with animals. 


This council has a key role is bridging the gap between animals and wildlife, and humanity. Animals hold the energy of unconditional love and are here on Earth by contract to serve the greater good. There is a large amount of disinformation regarding animals and their function, and this council holds the responsibility to educate humanity on the role of the animals and the ecosystem. Healing animals & communicating with them via telepathy is the next evolution for humanity. 


This council will assist humanity in the discipline & training of household animals, as well as how to develop deeper compassion and care for animals. This council provide guidelines for Humanity on how to respect wildlife, work in harmony with the ecosystems of the planet, proper care/healing & communication with animals, & how to dissolve the dysfunctional treatment of animals. 

Wild Horses
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