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About The New Earth Transitionary Government

Our Vision

Leading Humanity into Sovereignty

Mother of All Creation decreed that the New Earth Transitionary Government would be the leaders of the ascension for humanity. The vision of the Transitionary Government is a peaceful assembly of sovereign beings, working together in harmony to create cosmic order, integrity, and abundance for all beings on Earth. 

We teach and encourage all Galactic Human Beings to claim their own sovereignty, become their God Self, and to lead Humanity through the example of divinity. 

Our vision is that all of Humanity will become One, working  together through council and cooperation to govern ourselves through compassion and communication. 

Image by Mohamed Nohassi

The 10 Core Ideals for New Earth Society

1). We are all One

2). We are Made from Love

3). Love is the only Answer

4). Love is the single most powerful tool in the universe

5). Love is real

6). Love is God

7). God equalsTruth

8). Grace and forgiveness equal PEACE

9). Heaven is now here

10). Love is FREEDOM

Image by John Rodenn Castillo

Our Principles

The Utopian Society

The Utopian Society will endeavor to be a living government, always improving and changing for the best.


Like the garden of Eden, the Utopian Society models itself after a garden cultivating and encouraging the growth of that which is beautiful and good while resisting the growth of weeds.


The allegory of the flowers and weeds applies to people, businesses, and states as well as to flora itself.


Utopia does not enforce lifestyle or morality on an individual.


The system of the Utopian Society described herein is that of a very simple government where the people macro-manage the country. The politicians obey the people!


In the Utopian Society, the rights of individuals to have employment or an income stream is as fundamental as the right of individuals to accumulate wealth and not be taxed.


Every able bodied person that makes an effort can win in the Utopian Society.

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