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This council is made up of representatives and ambassadors from each Society on Planet Earth. The purpose of this council is to create open communications between all Societies on how to best work together in solving global issues, how to work with equal energy exchange between Societies, and how to solve any disputes between Societies. 


This council is responsible for communication and cooperation between all ambassadors of each Society, and to share with Humanity all agreements and exchanges between any Society. Each ambassador of the council is responsible for representing the needs of their collective + implementing what is highest and best for the whole. 


This council will meet regularly for open discussions between ambassadors on challenges their current societies are facing as a collective, and discussing solutions and offering insights from all other Societies. 

This council will be the leaders of global cooperation and responsible for keeping open communication and collaboration between all countries in order to create a synergistic Galactic Society.

Image by Alin Andersen
Image by NASA

Global Project & Transition Proposal

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Image by Christian Lue

Global Passport Initiative

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