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This council is made up of beings who have experience with law or resonate strongly with enforcement of Universal Law. The Universal Laws are the cosmic codes given to us by Mother of All Creation as the Laws each human being must adhere to. 


This council is responsible for ensuring that Universal Law is honored and followed by all beings residing on Planet Earth. This council is mainly assembled to answer questions or concerns about Universal Law violations and to be able to interpret and provide guidance on honoring Universal Law. 

This council will serve as a cosmic court of justice that is responsible for leading the legal system into a system of true justice & fairness for all. This council will co-create on solutions and ideas for establishing a system that is based on compassion, forgiveness, justice & correction to bring harmony for all beings on Earth.

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Image by Anthony Garand

Constitution of Sovereignty

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Court of Universal Law Guide

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Sovereign Beings Divine Decrees

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