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The Crystal School Council is made up of beings who feel a strong resonance and role to assist with the education of humanity. The Crystal Schools are the 5D educational centers and systems that will ensure whole and pure education for all crystal children. 


This council is responsible to meet and discuss the evolving education landscape, as well as discuss challenges for parents and teachers that can be be solved with love and higher solutions. This council is responsible for helping train both parents and teachers on how to do their own inner work as well as how to teach children without programming or control. This council is also a co-creative council on crystal school curriculum and teachings. 


This Council is also responsible for overseeing the Light Centers which are the adult versions of Crystal Schools. This council will regularly meet and discuss different topics and ideas to be share to best assist all of humanity in their spiritual evolution. 

This council will be the leaders of education for all of humanity, and will put the children first above all else to ensure the next generation of souls is brought up in pure unconditional love.

Image by Kimberly Farmer
Image by Tina Floersch

A Children's Guide to NETG

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Image by Senjuti Kundu

Healing the Inner Child Guide

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