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5d business & Finance council


The 5D business & finance council is made up of beings who have experience In business and/or the financial sector, and are now responsible in educating humanity on transitioning to a 5D business model & Quantum Financial System. All businesses in 5D will be based in integrity, cooperation, and equal energy exchange. 


All corporations will transition to co-operations, in which people are put first. All businesses will need to comply with Universal Law and hold integrity and transparency.


Equal energy exchange will be the mode of financial exchange and this council is responsible for ensuring that equal energy exchange is being honored in all business systems & financial systems, and assisting businesses with implementing a 5D business model. 


This council will meet regularly to discuss challenges of the business transitions, and to form new solutions and training for businesses to understand abundance and synergy. 

This council will also be the leaders in new innovative ways to do business & create solutions for all co-operations during the transition. This council assists with overseeing and guiding all co-operations into the people first model, as well as overseeing the transition of the Quantum Financial System.

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5D Business Guide

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5D Entrepreneur Guide

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Equal Energy Exchange Economy Proposal

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QFS Guide

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