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Director's council 


The Directors council is made up beings who have dedicated their lives to the service of humanity. These beings have the role to oversee and implement the vision for New Earth. 


This council is responsible to guide and oversee all other councils to ensure that all decisions and teachings are aligned with Universal Law and aligned with the highest frequency. 


This council meets with every other council to discuss the ever evolving collective consciousness and has open dialogue with all other council leaders about ideas and projects to implement to best serve humanity. 

This council may also choose to create new councils based on the needs or suggestions of the collective.

Any being who takes a leadership role in any council and shows their dedication, may be nominated by a Director's Council Member and will be voted on by the council. 

Image by Chris Yang
Image by Kseniya Lapteva

Leadership Guide

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NETG Ascension Guide

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NETG Member Guide

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Ceremony Guide

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Self-Love Discipline Guide

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Divine Philanthropy Guide

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