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peace council


This council is made up of Peacekeepers and those who feel a strong resonance with mediation. This council is responsible for ensuring peace between all beings, communities, societies and collectives. This council works closely with the Court of Universal Law to ensure that all beings on Planet Earth are abiding by Universal Law and all disputes or disagreements are resolved peacefully. 


This council is responsible for overseeing all disputes between any individual or group of beings. This council has many fractals and representatives from each Society. Any dispute or disagreement between beings or collectives will be brought to the Peace Council for guidance and resolution. 


This council meets regularly to discuss new tools, techniques. This council is also responsible for full transparency and sharing all disputes and their resolutions so that all may learn through the process.

This council will be the leaders in holding peace on the Planet and being the examples for Humanity by holding space & creating resolutions and solutions.

Image by Alonso Reyes
Image by Andre Benz

Peace Council Guide

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