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The Elders council is made up of beings that represent the Elder generations in this ascension process, those with experience working with and caring for elders, and those that resonate with the teachings of the Elders. The Elders council is responsible for assisting the Elder generation through the transitionary process, as well as coming together to share wisdoms and knowledge with the younger generations to assist in bridging the gap between all age groups. 


This council meets regularly to discuss the challenges of the Elder population and assisting to teach and guide caretakers and those contracted to assist the Elder generation through the transition. The council will also provide education to humanity on the ways of the Elders including ancient knowledge, wisdom, and native ways.

This council will be the leaders of assisting Elders in healing, as well as honoring the ancient wisdoms of our Elders.

Image by Danie Franco
Image by Cam James

Elders Council Guide

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