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Optimum Physical Healing + Homeostasis

By: Lynn Sawyer

Certified in Reiki (3), Magnified Healing (Kwan Yin and the Violet Flame), Homeopathy, Flower Essence Therapy, Aromatherapy and Soul Dialoguing

Optimum physical health is about homeostasis or balance in the body. Maintaining balance is the key to feeling good. In the times that we are living in its very easy to become out of balance physically. The goal then becomes restoration and nature has given us everything we need to do that effectively. The length of time that someone has been operating out of balance can equal the restoration process so being gentle and patient with ourselves during is recommended which will be discussed in more detail in the Emotional Healing section. When balance is achieved, preventative knowledge becomes very valuable for maintenance.

The best place to begin redirecting the health of the body is to DETOXIFY with a full body cleanse. It's imperative to start with an open and functioning colon to assist with elimination of toxins that get stirred up with cleansing the body. If the colon is not deeply cleansed first someone risks becoming auto intoxicated which can create worse issues therefore colon cleansing is an important place to start. If someone has never done a colon cleanse in their lifetime, fecal matter that may be built up on the walls of the colon for years might be stubborn to remove. Consider how often we change the oil in the vehicles that we drive to get us to and from. Our bodies need an "oil change" on occasion as well to have optimum health.

An indicator of a fully functioning colon is when it ideally produces a bowel movement 30-45 mins after each meal (this is the goal however far reaching it might sound to some.) Once the colon is cleansed, a deeper body cleansing of the other organs can take place. Cleansing of the liver and kidneys is a good next choice. Livers love lemon and the more often we can add lemon to our diets the more healthy the liver. Milk thistle is an excellent liver and kidney cleanser as well as Dandelion.

Blood cleansing is best supported by Red Clover and also Cayenne pepper. I recommend doing a supportive cleanse with the following products that have personally used and have been recommended to me on this journey by other natural health professionals as well.

ARISE AND SHINE (ARISEANDSHINE.COM) in my personal opinion is the best and most through cleanse program for the body. Very through and effective for the entire body including all systems.

Another is DR.RICHARD SCHULTZ (HERBDOC.COM) who produces potent and effective herbal remedies for all of the body systems. Both are very effective. The use of detoxification foot pads applied to the bottom of the feet at night also prove to be highly effective in detoxification. You can find them in stores like Marshall's or TJ Maxx in the health and beauty section or on Amazon.

Detoxification of the physical vessel again is the best place to begin the journey of redirecting your health. It can be a very uncomfortable process at times and I find that being gentle with myself is key. Achieving balance is the goal and detoxification kicks starts the process.


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