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Self Selection: What Do You Need to Heal Today?

By Vicki Aldridge

It is important to manage your own healing journey. The first step is to check in with yourself and find out what’s missing and needs healing today? Kinesiology, muscle testing, or asking yourself, can be very helpful tool to do this. It will help you get to know your own body and its reactions to changing environments, as well as trusting and listening to your bodies feedback. Really who are you, and what do you need to become the greatest grandest version of yourself today? There are many links online how to do this. You just need to find one that works for you. Then practice it a lot! Eventually it will become more and more intuitive, and a vital tool in your tool box.

So where should we start. It can be tough and confusing, with lots of interference particularly from your own logical mind, but like any journey you have to start with the first step in the most likely direction. The healing journey can have many twist and turns, but like all commitments, positive persistence and true intentions will win out. And Practice practice practice!

Once you start trusting in your new found skills they can become your most trusted ally to check in with all the layers of your subtle bodies, and what they need from you today to heal, flow, expand energetically and resonate with your true environment.

Mother Nature, and all sentient being do this instinctively, unfortunately many of us humans have become so domesticated it isn’t natural for us any more, and we are going to have to work at it again. Obviously spending time in nature will help this process particularly if you are open to her guidance.

Our lower 3 bodies are particularly in need of rebalancing and revitalising. These are your physical, astral and mental bodies.

Starting with the physical body or physical mass, or your otherwise known as your human vehicle, to see which part of you might need and like some love ( the highest energetic frequency), attention (focused energy) and rebalancing (adding or taking away energy) today?

Whilst checking your Physical body; first check your nutritional balance, what you are taking into your body today such as liquid, food matter, thoughts or extrinsic energies. Check your emotional balance, what you feel about your life and body today? And check your structural body, how mobile is your mind and body feeling? Ultimately check; Is anything blocking your physical flow?

Then check in with Astral or emotional body. How are you feeling today? how are your reactions to changing situations and interactions with other. How is your confidence in yourself and your environment to cope with change? Is anything blocking your dynamic energy?

Then you can check in with your Mental body. How’s is your outlook today? What are your thought patterns and focus? Can you see everything in the highest light and get the gift from everything? Nothing in this world is personal. All experience are for the greater good and your souls growth and development. Even in the darkest hours you must know there is a lot of good out of there. It just needs to hear your call, your resonance!

Then we can check in with your Causal body or soul. How are YOU in yourself? Are you feeling whole, dynamic and balanced in your flow, energy and your resonance? If not which needs more work? Ask your body, it knows even if you don’t!

As these parts become more complete, consistent and harmonious you will start elevating to the higher states of your Buddhic body, your higher physical body, where you are in flow with energetics of the whole of the universe. Your heart will be open to higher energetic frequencies of love, which will attract more higher frequencies, eventually merging and dissolving the lower states of your subtle body.

As this happens you also engage our higher mental states of the Atmic body where we elevate our thoughts, feelings, resonance and energies to finally embody your Siddhis, and that of the whole.

Finally you can embody our Monadic body in absolute connection to all that is!

This is a huge road map that has been summarised in just a few words. It is not always an easy journey to take on but it’s starts with asking each of your subtle bodies each day; what do I need to heal and what needs rebalancing today?. With consistency you will eventually master flow with all life, resonance with all energetic frequencies then we can truly become one with Mother Earth, Gaia.

Know yourself, love yourself by repairing your conditioning, your flaws and heal all wounds. The door is open. The journey has begun. It’s up to you to step forward and join in!


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