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Natural Support for the Nervous System

by Lynn Sawyer,

Holistic Health Practioner

Healing + Wellness Council

In the times in which we are living with so much happening all at once in our external world, it’s no wonder that many of us feel as if our “nerves are shot.” Overworked in general and stressed by a cacophony of bright lights, strong smells and loud noises generated by a modern world in decay, our nervous system gets put to the test. This system is one of the most important of the body systems as it is responsible for coordinating and controlling every movement and action that the body makes including heart rate, digestion, breathing as well as physical movement.

Always on alert, this system has two main parts, the Central Nervous System (CNS) which consists of the brain and spinal cord and the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) which consists mainly of nerves used to send messages to the body. The PNS has 3 subsystems: Enteric which controls the gastrointestinal system, Somatic which is associated with movement and Autonomic which is divided into the Sympathetic (activates in cases of emergency) and Parasympathetic (activates in relaxation). Understanding the complexity and importance of the Nervous System can help us to make positive choices in supporting it.

There are a variety of natural ways to regulate our nerves when we get out of balance. Movement of any kind (walking, yoga, stretching, running, etc.) is highly recommended to keep everything flowing as is getting out in nature as much as possible.

Breathwork, sound meditation, massage and acupuncture can also be effective as well as pet, art and music therapies. Helpful herbs for the nervous system are valerian, chamomile and passion fruit which can be taken in a tincture or as tea. (Dr. Richard Schultz) has a prepared remedy called Nerve Tonic which relaxes and sedates the mind and body and I have personally found this to be an effective product. Other natural ways to assist the nervous system is with Homeopathy (Gelsemium Nervous Stress Relief by Boiron), Aromatherapy (Lavender essential oil), Flower Essence Therapy (Impatiens, Rescue Remedy, Five Flowers by FES) and Crystal Therapy (Amethyst) for calmness, clarity and relaxation. Getting adequate rest, restorative sleep and avoiding overworking are also ways to help keep our nerves balanced.

Making natural and positive choices for your health and wellbeing during these turbulent times will help to avoid any complications that may arise from an out of balance world. May your health continue to thrive today and in all days to come. Aho.


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