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By Keilah

If you're the person who hasn't even wiped the shit out of their eyes and is scrolling through their phones as soon as they roll over in the morning, I see you!

No, I'm not going to wrap you over the knuckles and tell you that you shouldn't be doing it. What I am going to ask, however, is for you to become aware of how you feel right before you pick up your phone and immediately after.

Are you picking the phone up before you have your morning toilet visit because your brain is overwhelmed with the thought of what the day might bring? Are you expecting a message? Can it wait for 30 mins? Oh, you don't have enough time in the morning? Any chance you could get up earlier to make time for yourself before you start giving to everyone else?

A daily discipline would look something like this:

  1. wake up with awareness to what you are feeling

  2. do not reach for your phone

  3. have quiet time with yourself and spirit

  4. take a few minutes to consciously breathe

  5. connect with nature using your 6 senses

  6. an ego death ceremony either in the morning or evening or both, giving gratitude, affirmations and setting an intention for the day

  7. be conscious of how you feel in all moments

  8. consciously go to sleep, connect with your angels before you do and set an intention for your evenings rest

You might not reflect a noticeable difference straight away, but I can guarantee you that you will notice what it was doing for you when / if you slack. Once that awareness is developed, you will want to increase the disciplines. Growing into your spiritual discipline is of the highest good for you, for the collective and is a brilliant start to your day.

Awareness transforms all. Book a session to strategise a daily discipline that serves you best.




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