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We welcome all to join our NETG Community! Our telegram chat is open for all who wish to join the NETG community to meet, collaborate, & co-create with other lovers and givers around the world. Our community is a space for sharing, connecting, & healing while co-creating on solutions to transitioning in to the New Earth Paradigm!


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“We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For”

Welcome to Our Mission

Where we go one, we go all

The New Earth Transitionary Government was designed to a blueprint for Humanity as to how to connect + collaborate as sovereign beings in order to guide Humanity through the transition into New Earth. The NETG is a group of beings who are awakened and will be leading the leaders of New Earth. The wayshowers for the wayshowers. These beings seek peace, sovereignty & solutions, and have been led to this website by their higher selves. There are no mistakes. YOU are here for a reason. If you feel you are a part of the Transitionary Government it means YOU ARE! 

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welcome to netG:
Leading by example

The New Earth Transitionary Government
Guide Book 

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Download our New Earth Transitionary Government Guide Book which includes an overview of each NETG Council, their intended roles, as well as the vision of how to transition all 3D systems into 5D systems. 

This book is our vision and inspiration for the seamless transition to a Galactic Society. 

"We are the change we wish to see."

Image by William Duggan
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