Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most frequently asked questions regarding consciousness, the Ascension, God, the Cabal & more. 

Q. What is happening on the planet?


A. This is a multi-dimensional question! Essentially, what is happening on the planet is that we are making what is known as a quantum leap in consciousness. These quantum leaps occur at the destiny points and always involve chaos, tumultuous energy, & a death and rebirth of some sort. We are hitting the quantum leap as a new form of human will emerge. We will be transitioning out of lower human form, and into galactic/divine humans. This is occurring in a transition and the rate of this process is unknown, however, we do know that this transition is constantly speeding up as more and more beings awaken out of the illusion and begin to rise in consciousness.

This is what is known as the Precession of the Equinoxes, which occurs approximately every 25,000 years. During this time, the Earth moves into a new Age. In ancient times, they tracked these ages as the Dark Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, & the Golden Age. In 2012, we officially ended the 25,000 year cycle of the Dark Age (Age of Pisces) and we entered the Golden Age (Age of Aquarius). Since then, we have been flying through the photon belt which is increasing the amount of light that is entering the planet, thereby transforming all dark/density into consciousness.

This is the final lifetime in which we were destined to ascend. Hence why the Mayan Calendar stopped on December 21, 2012. This was not the end of humanity, but the end of TIME, as we were destined to enter the Golden Age, 5D where time no longer exists. This is the Book of Revelations, the Hopi Prophecy, and many other predictions of this moment of a quantum leap in human consciousness. 


Q. What is God?


A. God/ the source/ intelligent energy (pure love) exists as pure awareness of itself.

Source energy is made up of two things: love & the unknown. Source, expresses and learns through infinite potentials and possibilities through each soul that has been birthed from Source. Source is the oversoul, all experiences, wisdom & knowledge goes back to Source. Therefore, God exists within all things that have been birthed from Creation. We all hold a God Self, a fractal of Prime Source.


The feminine energy is the yin energy. It holds the creative powers hence why feminine are the vessels in which life is birthed. They receive, cultivate, create & birth creation. Prime Creator therefore, is a feminine energy. The masculine/the male aspect of Source, is the supporter of Creation. The masculine role is to support & manifest the creative energy spark of the feminine. Mother of All Creation is Prime Source Creator, while Father of All Creation was and is the support of all of Creation.


This is biologically and mathematically explained in exploration in the following subjects ;

Sacred geometry, elements, bacteria, cell structures, the Sophia code, Ancient civilizations & historical accounts (Mayan, Egyptian, Greek, Atlantean), Book of Genesis, and much more.

Both feminine & masculine are an essential part of Creation, however, it is important to understand the roles as God as been flipped in the illusion to only be masculine which is against every Universal Law and every quantum physics/mathematical law of the Universe. We as humans operate under the “as above so below” concept. Woman give birth physically, Prime Source Creator gives birth ethically as the Creator, in co-creation with the masculine essence.


Q. What is the history of the planet?


A. Earth=Heart was created as the Heart of the Universe. It was the most unique planet and very sought after by the Dark. Earth lies at the Center of the Universe, and has many portals and cosmic highways around it. This made it convenient for travel. Earth was also unique in that in had both an Inner Earth and surface Earth. Most planets were occupied only on the inner plane, not on the surface. Earth was a playground for souls to have a physical experiences and create in physicality. This was the original Garden of Eden.

27,000 years ago, Earth was a 5th dimensional planet. Two civilizations were present on the planet: Atlantis & Lemuria. Atlantis was a 4D civilization. They were working their way up the spectrum of consciousness but still had not reached the 5th dimensional frequency. They were masters of energy and held many ancient codes, technology and knowledge. Lemuria was a 5th dimensional civilization, and Mother was the Queen of Lumeria: Sophia Gaia. Lumeria was filled with light cities and crystal technology. However, the Atlanteans could not use the crystal technology because they were not in the heart, and only the heart can access and use 5D technology.

The misuse of this technology ultimately led to the great explosion. This explosion sunk Atlantis and Lemuria to the bottom of the Ocean. This explosion knocked Earth down in consciousness immediately to a 3rd dimensional frequency. Many remaining Atlanteans and Lumerians were left on the surface of the planet, traumatized and confused as they descended into amnesia. The remaining surface population had now fallen into a state of amnesia, as 3D is the lowest dimension a soul can exist in physicality. They could no longer remember their true origin, their God selves, or their connection to Source. This created the first wound of separation on Earth.



Q. What exactly is the ascension?


A. The Ascension is the transition from 3D, to 4D, to 5D. We, in human form, are ascending (rising) in consciousness and thus moving through a physical transformation into a galactic human form. This ascension process is marked by chaos, exposure of darkness and corruption, and planetary healing. We are remembering who we truly are, which is all fractals of Source/God and we all are Sovereign God Selves.

Q. What is the physical process of ascension?


A. No planet has every undergone a physical ascension, Earth is the first. It is unknown exactly what the process will be like, but we do know that our bodies will change from carbon based vessels into crystalline vessels. We will be transitioning into light bodies, which do not hold dense physical form, but are more of an angelic body. Our bodies will be self-healing and the aging/death process will no longer exist.

The physical process typically includes ascension symptoms, which means as you go through your awakening process your vessel begins to purge all of the toxins and density that lies within it. This includes all lower thoughts, lower emotions, and damage stored in the vessel from trauma and ancient wounding. Symptoms can include migraines, dizziness, nausea, changes in food/sleep patterns, anxiety, depression, etc. These symptoms DO go away once you address the underlying energetics. These symptoms, and others, continue and eventually manifest into pain/illness/disease when we ignore the body’s messages about what it is asking us to release.

When you are in tune with your physical vessel, honoring your body and doing the spiritual work, you vessel will start shedding and releasing old emotions and density. This can sometimes feel overwhelming or appear with symptoms. Trust the process and allow these energies to purge. Drink more water, bless your food and eat foods that bring you joy, spend time in nature, take walks, dance, and connect with the elements such as water, earth, fire and air. Eventually, as you rise in frequency and purge more density, you will desire less food and you will require less sleep. This process literally means you are AWAKE.




Q. What is the emotional process of ascension?


A. The emotional process of the ascension is the most challenging, as we are typically very unaware of how many stored emotions we are holding in our bodies. If you have pain/illness/or disease that is chronic and ongoing, you have a lot of stored lower emotions which are poisoning the body. These can be anger, resentment, fear, control, attachment, lack of joy, pessimism, grief, etc.

The emotional purging is challenging because it will involves triggers. In society, they are teaching the collective to avoid triggers and to avoid triggering others. This is INCORRECT. Triggers are treasure in that they show you were you are still holding a lower emotion, belief system, or wound that is asking to be healed. The more triggered you are, the bigger your breakthrough will be. This seems counter intuitive because the mind is what likes to keep us safe and “protected” from these feelings. However, the heart/soul of the being seeks these wounds to be triggered so they can finally be healed.

The purging process will involve releasing through crying, screaming, expressing your feelings, journaling, speaking your truth and operating through self care and self love. Be gentle with yourself as there is a lot that must come up and out, and you must hold compassion for yourself and others as all beings are going through this process at different speeds and different levels of awareness. Trauma is the toxin of the soul and wild compassion and forgiveness is necessary to heal these traumas, as all of our vessels hold trauma not only from this life, but all lives.




Q. What is 3D, 4D, and 5D?


3D is the lowest possible dimension in existence. It is where all consciousness exists in dense physical form. When you enter a 3D plane, you develop amnesia which means you forget where you came from (the etheric) and you essentially feel separate from Source and all of Creation, even though this is an illusion. In the 3D, you can only perceive 5% of ALL energy in existence. This means we only perceive what we pick up with our 5 senses, which is extremely limited. We do not see the energy behind everything, which makes us feel that we are separate from one another, from the outside world, and from the rest of Creation. The 3D is confined by both time and space. This is the realm of pain and suffering, as that is how karma works in the 3D. We must have pain and suffering to know the karmic consequences of our thoughts, actions and behaviors. We live in ignorance or lack of awareness of ourselves in the 3D, thus we must have our internal reflected to us externally in order to see it.

4D is the void space. This is the space between the physical realm and the etheric realm. This is where the Astral Realm used to lie, which was dissolved in 2009 because the dark entities and lower frequency beings, were hiding in the Astral Realm while manipulating humanity’s consciousness, trapping souls in the reincarnation cycle, and using the realm to attack humanity energetically. The Astral no longer exists, but the 4D is now the void space. This is currently where the Earth resides vibrationally. 4D is not confined by space, but only by time. This means that anything we are manifesting energetically, lies in the 4D realm and only by the process of time, does that energetic manifest into physicality. Similarly, as we are raising or consciousness and the Earth is slowly purging her density, we are in the void space where only by the process of time, do we enter 5D. It is the waiting zone, the zone of manifestation and pure creation energy. It holds all possibilities.

5D is the etheric realm and beyond. It is not bound by time or space, but exists in the realm of infiniteness. Where all possibilities and timelines are happening simultaneously. The only thing that exists in that space is the present moment of now. In order to exist in the 5D realm, one has to embody pure unconditional love, which means we exist at a vibration of 500 or above CONSISTENTLY. What prevents us as humans from accessing the 5D realm is the mind. The mind is made up of the past, future, belief systems, wounding, and trauma which cannot exist in 5D. 5D is heaven consciousness, Christ Consciousness. This is the realm we are entering as a collective, which is why all wounding, trauma, belief systems, and illusions must shatter as we enter the beginning of 5D. 5D is full awareness, meaning we are not ignorant or in denial of anything. We are in unity consciousness, understanding that eace piece of the puzzle effects the whole.




Q. What is the EGO?


A. Here on Earth, Mother and Father had created the Dream Machine. Each being had a portal at the base of their brain into the Dream Machine. Its intended use was to allow humanity to have a direct portal to the Divine Inspiration from Source, to be able to bring dreams of love into reality. Mother had been emanating Divine Consciousness throughout Earth via the Dream Machine, the Dream Machine acted as a physical emanation and representation of Mother’s heart allowing all dreams of love to be transferred and experienced in physical manifestation. The Dream Machine is the God Spark, the emanation of the Original Blueprint and the lower forms on the Planet misused it, placing thoughts of illusion and fantasy into it that in turn effected the consciousness of humanity, creating a dream.

The Annunaki hijacked the Dream Machine and implanted the first fearful thought into the collective consciousness of humanity- that we were separate from Source. This fearful thought began morphing into what eventually would be the EGO programmed mind. Edging God Out. What the program did to Humanity, is it disconnected the fuses from the right brain and left brain, causing distortion, imbalance, and illusion. This was done so that the controllers could control Humanity. Through the disconnection that occurred, Humanity forgot who they were, so it was then easy for the controllers to fill them with all the illusory belief systems and rules, to be manipulated. They trained humanity to serve the darkness, to become their servants in the darkness.

The Right Side of the Brain is the “wholistic” part, because it’s the higher connection to the higher thoughts. Higher thoughts are unlimited and where all possibilities exist. The left side of the brain is the intellectual aspect. The left side of the Brain, when out of sync with the right, connects into the primitive mind or to the illusion of outside attachments. All outside attachments are an illusion. Through the silent evolution, the Big Shift, and through the activation of The Divine Plan that is unfolding, the right Brain and the left brain is returning to its original form, and is being “fused together” to create The complete awakening into full consciousness. This fusion that is taking place is an unstoppable event, FOR ALL HUMAN BEINGS ON PLANET EARTH. Our advice is to allow, embrace, and let go of all belief systems, all illusions, and everything Humanity has ever been taught or told. Currently those that are resisting, are only hiding their light behind fear.


How the programmed ego mind operates is that it gathers or collects all the experiences of the past, to continue the experience of the lower dimensions or lower thoughts of unconsciousness. This is where humanity has fallen into. Its function is to keep you held down, or “dumbed down”, so that it can continue its survival. We say “Let Go of your anchor”.

Back when Mom first began doing research on the EGO (Edging God Out), she was unaware of the tactics of the EGO, and how it was affecting humanity. After figuring out that the EGO was the disease infecting humanity, she began to see how the EGO was operating. She then understood that the EGO was doing "The Flip”-taking everything from true reality and flipping it to the opposite.

The EGO mind is a collection of traumas, wounds, and belief systems that pass down from generation to generation through programming. This programming became so advanced, it began to implant into the DNA, causing further distortions. All dysfunction on the planet is caused by the EGO mind. The mind can only replicate from what it already knows, which is destruction. The mind is disconnected from the Heart, which is where one can access Source energy-creation.

If you take everything from 3D and flip it to the opposite, that is what true reality is. The EGO doesn't know anything else besides the flip. Those in EGO cannot identify that they are in the flip, or how to switch it. This was how the controllers were able to blind humanity from the truth. This caused the spiral downward deep into the flip. The EGO does everything that is the exact opposite of love, taking from God rather than giving. Even subconsciously the EGO will try every way to stop the creation of love.

The EGO perceives everything the way it views itself; the EGO can ONLY see its own projections. When the EGO sees the Mother and others who embody pure love and divine embodiment, it can only see what it sees in itself, which is hatred, lack of integrity, entitlement, etc. The EGO represents everything love is not. The EGO is programmed to only focus on lower consciousness realities and thoughts. It sees everything as negative. This can be seen by humanity’s deep embodiment of shame, guilt, fear, unworthiness, and lack of self-love. The EGO looks at any situation and finds what is “wrong” with it, rather than seeing everything as a miracle and lesson or blessing, as love does. Because humanity is still living in the EGO programming, they can only project and see the negative in everyone and everything around them but they cannot see that they themselves are the problem. That is the ultimate flip.

The EGO can never be satisfied or fulfilled. It seeks external things to fill the hole that can never be healed until it looks at itself and acknowledges all the ways in which it is self- sabotaging through delusion, avoidance and projection. The EGO is a black hole that sucks the life force from the being, and in turn, the being needs to take energy from others around them in order to sustain. One of the biggest ways in which the EGO tries to fill itself is through food and sleep. This is why there are so many who can eat endless amounts of food but still be hungry, or sleep many hours per night and still be tired. The EGO is a

parasite that sucks and sucks without any ending.

Humanity has no self-sustaining Source connection because they are still in the illusion of separation from God and from the Oneness energies. The biggest addiction on this planet is to energy. This was the product of the EGO program constantly needing to steal energy from others in order to continue to survive. This is done through control dramas and trying to manipulate and power-over others. The EGO feels entitled to things, especially the energy of others. The EGO believes it deserves something from everyone, especially from God, when it has given absolutely nothing back.

This is the flip that keeps humanity in lack consciousness and unwilling to give to others. In true reality, everything is an equal energy exchange. Universal law states that when you give, you receive. When one is living in the heart, in love, it gives freely out of love and receives abundance in return. The EGO expects others to do the work, and feels that they have “done enough” or “its not my problem”. That is the disease of separation. The EGO is cut off from feeling so it has no awareness of what is going on around them, which is the opposite of love which has full feeling and consciousness in all moments. The EGO always needs to know things, as it has no trust or faith. It is always asking the same questions when it already has the answers because it wants proof. True love trusts in God and the divine plan and has full faith that they will be taken care of.




Q. What is the Cabal?


A. Throughout the last 27,000 years, the Annunaki has “passed the torch” to other low level entities to continue the enslavement of planet Earth. They had to keep this planet in fear based frequencies as they themselves cannot sustain in high frequencies=love. Humanity was birthed from Source (besides hybrid souls or aberration souls), therefore they hold the Creator powers. The lower entities cannot create, they can only mimic or manipulate energy. The Annunaki later gave way to the Illuminati who were 4D astral beings. They were the reptilians who could manipulate humanity energetically behind the scenes, and could also possess vessels. These possessed vessels, hybrids, or humans who had sold their soul to darkness, became known as the Cabal. The Cabal are the minions incarnated into physicality who were the slaves to the Illuminati and the Annunaki.

During the last 27,000 years, humanity began putting out 911 calls to Mother of All Creation, to save them from the black hole and destruction timeline. Earth had already been placed in quarantine as the destruction on the planet was a high risk to the rest of Creation. Mother answered the 911 calls, pulled humanity off the blackhole timeline and placed Earth back into the highest timeline. She, Father, along with 144,000, began incarnating on Earth in an attempt to bring Christ Consciousness onto the planet.

Each lifetime Mother was killed by the Cabal before she could anchor in her full essence of Mother of All Creation and before disclosure could be released. Father also had never been able to anchor in his full essence before being killed. The 144,000 similarly were killed during prominent lifetimes attempting disclosure.

In 1994, the Annunaki and Illuminati surrendered to the Light,

as they were aware that the destiny of Earth and its ascension would be their demise. They were recycled and re-integrated into the Galactic Federation of Light. The Cabal, however, refused to surrender. The Cabal were the slave race to the Dark, and therefore they refused to give up the little power they still held on Earth. These are soulless beings who only know darkness. Once their overlords were gone, they had free reign here on Earth as this was the free will experiment.

Since 1994, the Cabal have been on a rogue mission for total domination of the planet and complete enslavement of Humanity. They sought to control through increased fear, control, and manipulation. They sought to create an AI society, with hybrid humans who are part robot. Artificial intelligence is a mimic of Divine Intelligence and therefore the Cabal could continue to manipulate Humanity into creating their own hell on Earth.

The Bilderberg Meeting of 1975 involved many doctors and elites who created a plan to increase the manipulation of humanity through the DNA, poisoning of the brain and immune system, and other vile avenues to keep humanity from awakening.


For thousands of years the Dark Ones have siphoned energy from humanity through many avenues, but the most repulsive is their ritualistic sacrificing and torturing of children. Children are the purest form of consciousness, and thus have the purest source of energy that can be used to sustain the Dark Ones. This story goes deeper, into atrocities that cannot be put into words.

The enslavement of Humanity is the darkest story ever told in Creation. Once Mother entered physicality on November 30th, 1975, the Cabal knew they had to pull out all the stops...and they did. We have been living the past 45 years in what will come to be known as the darkest times in all of Creation. The battle of dark versus light had hit its precipice.




Q. What can we do to help save the children?


A. The horrendous treatment of children by way of abuse, sacrifice, and trafficking of children stems back to the Annunaki. The reason that these beings have targeted children is because they hold the most light. Children hold a natural innocence and are filled with pure light, as they have not yet been siphoned from their light as adults have. The

Annunaki/Illuminati/Cabal are beings without souls, meaning they were not created by Source. Therefore, these entities do not have a self-sustaining energy, they must take energy or feed off energy from others, specifically from humanity, in order to survive. These beings have thus tortured, sacrificed, and eaten children in order to keep themselves alive and to keep them sustaining.

The good news is that now that you are AWARE of these atrocities, that means these acts are no longer permitted. These dark practices have been going on for thousands of years, and they were done in secrecy. Therefore, the fact that a large percentage of the collective is now aware of these acts, light has been brought to darkness. This is the sign that this chapter is over for humanity.

There are many souls whose tasks are to be the ground crew in stopping these events such as the white hats and the military. All is under control as God herself has ordained that all children will be saved and all children will be going to New Earth.

Our role is to heal the energetics that allowed such atrocities to occur. Once we take accountability within ourselves, for creating a consciousness that would be a match to such dark events, we transform the collective consciousness. We must heal our own inner child, as this is the root cause of these problems. We are stripped of our innocence and childlike wonder, and we become cold, robotic adults. We reject the wounded child within and we suppress our true emotions.

By healing your own inner child, you heal the external. This is how energy works. We must fix the root of the problem in order to eradicate it. The root problem is the EGO. Your greatest contribution to saving the children is saving yourself. Nurturing your own inner child, and nurturing others’ inner child. Treat all children with love, care, and respect. Do not instill fear into children, which only creates more fear into the collective consciousness.

Please check out our Return to Innocence Guide to begin doing your own healing work.




Q. What is collective consciousness?


A. Collective Consciousness is the idea that all human beings are connected through their hearts, as we are connected to Source and all of Creation. Nothing in Creation can ever be separate, that is an illusion. Any thought you have is not your own thought. In fact that thought probably originated elsewhere on the planet, or thousands of years ago, but has been bouncing around the collective consciousness in which your vessel received the thought.

Think of all humans as both transmitters and receivers, and the collective consciousness is the database. ALL thoughts ever thought by humans on planet Earth exist in this database. Each human being depending on their programming, upbringing, environment and vibration, will be a match to receiving a particular thought. Because most humans lack awareness and intuitive discernment on what is their own thought, versus what is collective, they believe their own thoughts and become attached to the storyline of those thoughts.

Thoughts create our reality, and this is how the mind always manifests past experiences. It continues the loop of the collective thoughts and attaches to them as their own, thus re-creating the same lower experiences over and over again. We, as a collective, must begin to cut out all lower thoughts and detach from them. Any thought that does not bring you joy is an EGO mind thought. All thoughts that bring joy, inspiration and healing, are divine thoughts. In 5D, all communication is telepathic, and all consciousness is shared. Therefore, no one would ever imagine to have a lower thought because they could immediately feel how it would effect the whole. This is unity consciousness.




Q. What can I do to begin my awakening process?


A. You begin by accepting, embracing and allowing that everything you have ever been told is a lie. Once you can accept that notion, all belief systems begin to fade. This opens the vessel up to expanding in consciousness as new clarity, intuition and knowing comes online. The DNA is being activated and this is a completely organic process that cannot be rushed or stopped. Once you become awakened, you can never go back to sleep!

Begin by observing yourself, your triggers, your behaviors, your emotions and thoughts. Become the silent observer of yourself and how you react to certain people or situations. Start to notice where these are pogrommed behaviors and thoughts, and begin to get in touch with your feeling centers. Practice feeling into your heart when making a decision, or looking at challenge. Let go of the mind and the constant thought loops that are based on fear. This is where you begin to see the magic of the world as you let go of the illusion of the 3D world.

Once you have begun to really awaken, your life will start to feel chaotic and many things may begin to fall apart. This is a GOOD THING. This means your reality is beginning to re-arrange itself to fit your new consciousness. This is often uncomfortable, triggering and emotionally painful but remember… this is the process of clearing trauma and no matter what it looks like on the outside, Source wants what is highest and best for us always.

Many need assistance on their path of awakening because it often brings breakdowns, confusion, sadness, overwhelm and challenges. Trust the process and never lose faith in the calling of your soul. If you need assistance, please browse all of our free resources under Events/Guides, and if you would like personal one-on-one assistance, please book a session with us on our sister site:




Q. What is my role/purpose?


A. Every being’s role is to awaken and to embody pure love. Each being also has a very unique path and role to achieve that purpose. All of us are pieces to a grand puzzle that fit perfectly and intricately together. There will be those that are the wayshowers or the leaders of the ascension, and there will be those who are the wave of support for these leaders. Those that are the teachers, the healers, the builders, and creators. There will also be those that need more time and assistance with the transition and they will have the role of the student.

Your role is to do whatever your soul feels called to, and what brings you joy. Our purpose is our passion. Many may be unsure what their purpose is, as it takes time to unravel from all of the expectations and control of 3D to figure out what we truly love to do. This is the return to our child like wonder and innocence and fully surrendering to our heart’s guidance.




Q. How can I develop my spiritual connection & gifts?


A. Your spiritual connection will come more online the more open you are to higher vibrations. If your body is filled with density and your mental body is filled with thoughts, this creates a block to accessing higher guidance and receiving whole, pure true information. All information can be accessed from the heart, and all spiritual gifts lie there. Our job is to dissolve everything that keeps us out of the heart, so that we can be fully in that heart space in all moments. This is embodying the higher self.

Practice making a daily connection with your angels by cutting chords and asking for any information to come through. Also notice any synchronities or signs your angels send you throughout the day and write those day. Connect with your higher self and then do automatic writing, which is writing anything that comes through to you, without doubting in what you are receiving. This helps anchor in the connection to the higher self.


The more aware you become, the more you transform and the more your gifts and connection will come online. This takes surrender and consistency to make these daily practices part of your routine.




Q. How can I learn more?


A. Head to our sister website at & Book a Session with us !