Becoming A Member

Lead by Example

If you resonate with becoming a member of the New Earth Transitionary Government, your souls is contracted to be a leader of humanity & New Earth. 

The Transitionary Government is responsible for embodying & being the living examples of Source, Mother God energy. We are the Councils who lead by example, with integrity, dedication, & honor for their role. 


The greatest honor also holds the greatest responsibility

Every application for a position on a Transitionary Government Council will be reviewed by the Director's Council & with guidance from Source. 

If you are granted a position on the Transitionary Government, it is a great honor of service to Humanity. 

Each being appointed to a Council will be responsible for participation and co-creation on that Council. This includes attending all meetings of the Council and/or reviewing all recordings & reports of Meetings, Co-creating on guidelines and suggestion Memos, & assisting with any projects undertaken by that Council. 

If any being wishes to resign from a Council they will provide notice to the Council and their withdrawal will be honored. Similarly, if any being is not honoring their role and responsibilities of that Council, they may be nominated for removal and the Council will vote on removal. 

Image by Ibrahim Shabil

As of 9/9/21 we are finished with applications! If you wish to submit an application, we will be opening up applications again for the next wave of council members in December of 2021

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